Sunday, October 31, 2010


          Thanks, Rene, for inviting us to post pictures for your Halloween party.

Friday, October 29, 2010


I originally put this little centerpiece together for my kitchen island, when I was having my Book Club for our November meeting. We always seem to gather in the kitchen for our wine and hors d'oeuvres! I left it in place for Thanksgiving dinner, as we were serving our plates off the island. I got several compliments, and I enjoyed it so much myself that I'm using it again this year on my pine dining table.

The candle snuffer is by Arthur Court.


Monday, October 25, 2010



I'm not sure how it started, or which one was first, but somehow I have acquired a leaf-dish collection. I always look forward to displaying them in the fall. I get them out right after Labor Day and leave them out until I'm ready to do my Christmas decorating. They blend nicely with both Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.

You might notice--- I was trying two different pieces of furniture in front of this window!


I'm finally back with a cottage makeover update. Although, some days seem like "one step forward, two steps back", I know I've actually made great strides in not-quite three months. I can't honestly say that I have even one room that is complete, but maybe you would like to see some before-and-after---or should I say---in-progress pictures. So here goes!

Today, we're looking at the dining room.

New windows and a new door

I started out with my antique table, but the gate leg design made it somewhat impractical for comfortable dining. So, I've relocated it in favor of a rectangular pine table. Not as interesting, but it's more functional for chowing down.

Amazingly, one of the few walls in the house that would accommodate this hutch was the very wall that I wanted to use it on. What luck!


A chandelier!
There was never one here before. With the very low (7-1/2 foot) ceilings, chandeliers can be problematic. I'm only 5'2", but some people are taller than that! Since this hangs over the center of the table, it works! It's very simple and was also very budget-friendly, but I think it fits with the cottage-look.
I have to admit...I'm really happy with the way this hutch looks!
 The dining room steps down into the den. 
(More on that room coming soon.)

I decided to start out by painting the majority of the rooms a rather un-inspired off-white.  I felt that that would freshen and lighten the cottage and give me a blank slate to build on. I will definitely add color as time goes by. I'm shopping for a rug to go under the table. Also, would you add cushions to the chairs, or do you like the look of the woven straw seats? What about an accent color on the chair rail? Ladies, I welcome your opinions and suggestions, so bring 'em on!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Through some friends, I discovered Tom Jones Pottery, in Fairhope, Alabama.
Located a bit out from town, it's in an area called Clay City. Years ago, the local clay was used to make tiles or bricks, from which my cottage is constructed. Tom is a delightful man, who always has time to chat with his customers. People tend to spend lots of time browsing and debating over which of his wonderful pieces to take home.

Each year, in the early fall, he offers a collectible pumpkin. He makes a limited number of them in three different sizes. Each one is slightly different, and it requires quite a bit of deliberation to determine which one "speaks" to you! Since I only learned of him last year,  I only have two pumpkins, so far. How I wish I had heard about these wonderful pieces seven years ago. Imagine the collection I would have!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I'll be back soon, with an update on my cottage renovation, so I hope you'll check back. 

In the meantime, just a little something fun for Blue Monday.

Wishing you a wonderful Blue Monday!


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