Tuesday, June 29, 2010



For years, I've been drooling over white upholstery but always felt like it was just too impractical for my lifestyle. Now that summer is here, I'm once again seriously considering the possibility. Should I just "bite the bullet" and go for it? Remember, I have five (count 'em---five!) dogs...

I love the dressmaker details on each of these pieces. The pleats and tucks and bows... to die for!

Isn't this scalloped hem just the cutest?

The bows and the tiny box pleats---so adorable!

 Those tiny box pleats again and a monogram, too. What more could a girl ask for?

More box pleats, a little bit bigger this time, and those darling bows down the back again, too. I could imagine sitting in this chair all day long, with a good book.

Saturday, June 26, 2010



I've been enjoying Shadow Shot Sunday for a few months, and today is my first time to post. This picture is from underneath a public pier in Ft. Walton Beach, in the Florida panhandle.

As you can see, as of Friday afternoon, there was thankfully still no oil on this beautiful beach.



Thanks Beverly!

Am I too late for Pink Saturday?

I got distracted..

 And, forgot about blogging...

So, I'll just keep this short and say...



Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Although I normally love to be surrounded by color, the hot summer weather sometimes makes me think of the cool, crisp simplicity of white furnishings.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
--Leonardo da Vinci

Possibly the most gorgeous bed I've ever seen! 
Sweet dreams would be insured for anybody sleeping here, don't you think? 

The iconic Pottery Barn sofa could be the perfect starting point for any room.

I'm trying not to think about how much time and effort would be required to iron these 100%  linen  place mats and napkins! I love the embroidered corners.

After all that ironing, I might need a spa day!

Go ahead... treat yourself to some fresh flowers. They're such a nice little luxury, and you deserve it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Rene, at Cottage and Vine, cottageandvine.blogspot.com asked us to share 5 essentials we would pack in our beauty bags. Since most of my travel, in the summertime, revolves around the beach, I try to keep my "beauty routine" simple.

I've been using Great Lash , by Maybelline , since my teens. I remember reading in a magazine that it was the one most popular with fashion models! It's always widely available everywhere and inexpensive, too. I like the brownish/black.

 Lorac lipsticks are my all-time favorites. They are creamy, long-lasting and have no "flavor". I buy them at Sephora. the first one I ever bought was in a color called "Eloise". I remember reading in "InStyle" magazine that it was Jennifer Lopez's favorite. I thought it was the most wonderful color ever, but wouldn't you know it was discontinued/ I hate it when that happens! I'm currently wearing a similar color called "Premier".

With mascara and lipstick, I feel half-way presentable, day or night!

  Gotta' have sunscreen, of course! I've always used Coppertone, because of that  cute old ad with the baby showing off her tan line. (Probably showing my age here!)  Love the continuous spray, and it even works upside down---convenient for spraying your own back!

With my hard-to-handle hair, this straightening iron is a must-have. By Conair, it's 2 inches wide and has a wet/dry setting. I'm embarassingly inept at styling my hair, but I've had good luck with this tool.

Last, but not least, when getting dressed for dinner at a fun spot on the beach, I love Lady Primrose's "Celadon" scent. I'm a big fan of perfumed body creams. I think you get much more "bang for the buck" with them than with other forms of scent. The creams are so rich and moisturizing, in addition to smelling divine.

Monday, June 21, 2010



I've always loved the expression "when pigs fly...". So, when I saw this cute little guy at an arts and crafts show, I knew he had to come home with me. He's spent time at the beach house and the city house, since his color works so well at both places. As you can see, he's made out of sheet metal and other "found" pieces of junk.

I love his curly little pig tail made out of nuts and bolts.

 Each year, in March, Fairhope, Alabama is host to one of the largest arts and crafts shows in the country. Downtown streets are closed off and filled with several hundred vendors. The offerings range from ticky-tacky to beautiful fine arts. If you can't find something to buy here, you just aren't an arts and crafts person!

Friday, June 18, 2010



There are three things which are real: God, human folly, and laughter. The first two are beyond our comprehension. So we must do what we can with the third. --John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Always bear in mind, that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

---Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, June 15, 2010



As much as I love my house on the Bay, with my own little beach, I can't help but dream of a house right on the ocean. I imagine going to sleep with the sound of the crashing waves, right outside the door. And, waking up in the morning to endless expanses of beach for a morning walk. On a recent trip to Destin, I took pictures of a few that I think would "fill the bill"!

Aren't these just dreamy? I love all the soft pastel colors that reflect the colors of nature that surround them. Can't you imagine catching the breezes from those balconies, while enjoying the breath-taking views. Notice all the different styles of columns and railing designs. I'm especially partial to the dark wooden hurricane shutters---pretty and functional!
Would you choose one built in the sand dunes and surrounded by palm trees, or would you rather have the ocean lapping right up underneath your porch?
Decisions, decisions...

As of now, we are fortunate enough not to have any oil in Mobile Bay, but please continue to keep the Gulf Coast in your prayers. I'm sure y'all are as heartbroken as I am to see the oil covered wildlife.

Monday, June 14, 2010



Today, I thought I would share with you a number of wonderful books for all of us who enjoy tablescaping. I think you'll find lots of inspiration here!

These first two are published by the same people who publish "Southern Lady and "Victoria" magazines.

Entertaining doyenne Phyllis Hoffman shows how to prepare a stunning table for any occasion.

So many of the events of our lives, from the formal to the informal, are celebrated by gathering around a table. Whatever the occasion--whether it's a holiday dinner, Sunday brunch, or a casual lunch with friends--the table is the place where we relax and enjoy each other's company while savoring a great meal.

No one knows how to dress a table with elegance and flair better than Phyllis Hoffman, publisher of Southern Lady magazine, the quintessential resource for entertaining the gracious Southern way. Now, Hoffman draws upon her years of expertise to create Southern Lady Gracious Tables, the definitive guide to creating gorgeous "tablescapes" for every occasion.

Starting with the basics, Hoffman presents a series of breathtaking spreads for a whole range of occasions, from formal settings to casual get-togethers, and describes how to achieve each look, right down to the recipes--55 in total--for her mouthwatering specialties. Enjoy a lovely outdoor lunch of tasty Fried Green Tomatoes with Crab and Green Chile Cream Sauce, or finish off a dinner party with delectable Praline Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce.

Hoffman then builds a "wardrobe for the table," navigating through the complex world of dinnerware, fine linens, and serving pieces. Each and every element of the table--from fruit saucer to lemon fork to water goblet--is covered in a friendly, helpful way.

Finally, there's advice on adding that all-important personal touch, with instructions on how to craft flowers, family heirlooms, collectibles, and other unexpected treasures into the perfect centerpiece, place marker, or accent. All along, her advice includes refreshingly simple techniques for presentation and encourages the reader's own creativity in playing with colors, patterns, and styles.

Complemented by lush photography and told in Hoffman's accessible, encouraging, and deliciously Southern voice, Southern Lady Gracious Tables is a must-have for every aspiring hostess, south or north of the Mason Dixon. The perfect gift for any woman who loves to entertain, it has all the tools, tips, and inspiration you need to elevate the ordinary to the unforgettable.


WILLIAM YEOWARD has a worldwide reputation for designing collections for the home, and is particularly known for his imaginative table settings, where he puts to good use his signature designs. He has shops in London and New York, lectures on design throughout the United States, and his work is featured in magazines such as Town and Country, Elle Decor (for whom he is a contributing editor). Vogue Living, and Vogue Entertaining.


We all know how to set tables, but do we know how to make them beautiful? With this book, you can realize the magic of table decor. With over 300 color illustrations and many practical and inventive solutions, this book covers the table, from soup to nuts or gardens to dining rooms, and many places in between. This book acquaints you with the charm of table dcor, whether it is traditional, romantic, modern, or simple. The decorators featured are both professional and gifted, from many diverse backgrounds, and working in dozens of styles. There are ideas for every occasion and taste. By keeping the focus on texture, color, simple containers, and lots of ordinary household items, you can turn a simple meal into something fabulous by varying the items you use together. Here you will find the inspiration to create table settings with style, using your own china and silverware. See how designers and decorators mix, experiment, and create table decor with modern accouterments or pair antiques with new, ornate, or simple.


Whether using heirloom china or a hot designer’s latest tableware collection–for an intimate dinner for two or a family feast for ten–set a table to impress.

Faced with thousands of inspiring choices for table settings and decorations to fit every occasion, hosts and hostesses have never been more enticed to turn out both a great meal and an equally appealing stage on which to serve it.

Author Caroline Clifton-Mogg knows that creating a table setting, no matter how simple or instinctive, is a form of interior decoration and design; so she has put together a masterful list of internationally acclaimed designers and decorators (such as John Saladino and Vicente Wolf), all of whom have showcased their signature styles for table settings. Set with Style offers an unprecedented cache of ideas that will ensure that entertaining your favorite guests is a pleasure instead of an overwhelming challenge; if your taste tends toward delicate crystal romance or even whimsical flea-market flair, you can achieve the most breathtaking visual treat on your tabletop.

Illustrated with more than 300 lavish photos, Set with Style highlights:
• The history of dining etiquette and traditions (from time-honored rituals to quirky customs)
• Table-setting styles (from contemporary style with Peri Wolfman and Reed Krakoff to retro style with Glen Senk and Keith Johnson of Anthropologie)
• Practical tips (from the creative use of accessories to what to look for when buying china, glass, flatware, and linen) from designers such as Sally Sirkin Lewis
• A resource guide (featuring a directory of china and glass suppliers and table-accessory manufacturers)
Whether you just want to spruce up an ordinary family supper or pull out all the stops for a high-class event, Set with Style will ensure that every occasion will be a beautiful one.

About the Author

CAROLINE CLIFTON-MOGG is the author of Decorating with China and Glass and A Passion for Collecting. She writes regularly for Harpers & Queen, Christie’s Magazine, and House & Garden.


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