Tuesday, May 4, 2010




Every year, when the weather gets warm, I begin to fantasize about an all-white house.

Wouldn't this be divine? White slipcovers and white throw pillows everywhere...
I might add sea grass a la Joni at Cote de Texas---love that look with the white slips!

I can imagine having all these beautiful glass-front cabinets to display my fabulous collections of white pottery, porcelain and cream ware.

I've always wanted a house with open beams,

Love the large white tiles
and slip covered chairs

These light fixtures are to-die-for!

Love this pristine white bathroom, with the bamboo roll-up shades and fluffy white towels...

Maybe just a pop of color here and there to greet me first thing in the morning.

I can imagine having breakfast with the French doors thrown open to the beautiful WHITE! flowers outside. Another cute chandelier!

And, the bed...oh what a bed... all those fluffy white pillows and coverlets, with ruffles and lace and embroidery.

Well, a girl can DREAM....

But, here's my reality!

Imagine this group living in a white house---HAH!

Never the less, I adore them. So having said that, I guess I'll link up to Gratitude Wednesday, as well!



  1. A girl can dream! I will come to visit you in your imaginary home. Really nice pictures. The staircase is to die for, and I really liked the little punches of color in that bath. Oh. I'm drawn to white, but can't seem to let go of color, I guess.

  2. oh my these houses are dreamy but i am laughing out loud at the puppies.... i have this too, just with the kid version....my house is mostly white and oh so washable, hugs,

  3. Loving all these white rooms! I am at the point in my life where I do get to have a lot of white, but I know what you mean, it wasn't always that way!

  4. Super super super great and wonderful. Your furry family is awesome. Wouldn't trade those babies in for all the WHITE TEA in China. I too have an white imaginary white home, because my husband cannot stand the look of all white ~ can you believe it? How can someone be so wrong.

  5. Gorgeous pics!! You have 6 dogs, I have 6 kids (5 BOYS)- no white house for me either...
    xoxo Pattie

  6. White houses always look right -- as long as no one minds cleaning. Why imaginary may be better. You have the right idea. Jane F

  7. Oh wow, what beautiful pictures, one can only dream...love the pictures of your five dogs, they look so sweet. Thank you for sharing,

  8. That's great, your last picuture made me laugh out loud. What a group you've got there! They look pretty happy, bet you let them enjoy your house just like the humans who live there! LIFE is better than a pristine all white house, I think!!
    Thanks for linking up this week. Have a great day.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  9. Hi Tracy!

    I so understand! I love white houses--and these are great!

    But, what is connected to the paw prints is better!

    Happy Grat. Wed.!

    love, kelee @ www.katillacshack.com

  10. Anonymous4:54 AM

    What a dreamy post~ white does look so refreshing & cool. I love the exposed beams & sisal too. It looks to me like most of your menagerie would blend with the white, so it would be the perfect decorating color :-)


  11. HI Tracy, Thanks for visiting and commenting on my new blog on French Country at Maison Decor. I love it too!! I have two dogs... your troupe made me smile! Instead of white, you could do off white--really off white!! I have always loved the look of white but when it comes to my decorating I like color...my favorites may change over time, but I do love some color. Thanks again,

  12. These interiors are to die for.... and I love the photo of your dogs at the end... Classic!

    Have a BBB weekend ~~
    xoxo Laura



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