Friday, April 30, 2010


Happy May Day !
Happy Pink Saturday

May Day was celebrated by early European settlers by making May Baskets. The baskets were handmade and filled with spring flowers & treats and left on the doorstep. The giver would knock on the door and run away. If the recipient was able to run and catch the giver a kiss was exchanged!

Today baskets are often made by little children, filled with candy or flowers and then placed on doorsteps or tied to door handles, as they ring the doorbell and dash away before they are caught.


Last Saturday, I visited Anne at She posted a fun recipe for Pink Champagne Cupcakes. What could be more perfect for Pink Saturday! Stop by her blog and say hello.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I don't much like to cook, but I sure do love to eat! And, I love to watch other people cook. I appreciate the creativity that goes into preparing a tasty recipe.

Photos from the Food & Wine Magazine Classic in Aspen, Colorado.

Some of the famous chefs

Emeril Lagasse

Giada De Laurentis
Beautiful, charming and she can really cook!

The "Iron Chef"

Bobby Flay

Mario Batali

Mario is quite well-known for his kitchen attire!
Not exactly traditional chef's garb!

Jacques Pepin is my personal favorite. A delightful man! He and his charming daughter, Claudine Pepin, also a chef, are very entertaining.

Jacque's little granddaughter is learning from the masters!

Autographing their cookbooks

BoldEmeril Lagasse
Rocco diSpirito

Sips and Samples

"I cook with wine. Sometimes, I even put it in the food."

Sunday, April 25, 2010


When we renovated our kitchen, we had this odd little space which was very shallow. Since I didn't want to waste an inch, I had the idea of putting a glass-front cabinet to organize some of my "little things." The drawers with knobs hold spices and tilt outward for easy access. The very shallow cabinets underneath hold a huge supply of light bulbs! Three little puck lights illuminate everything.

Luckily, you can't see where this pitcher just slid off the shelf and chipped. But, you can see the empty shelf, that lost one of it's brackets!

I love lambs! This one is perfect for holding speckled malted milk balls at Easter.

I bought this plate on a trip to Aspen, Colorado -- - one of two hopeless attempts to learn to ski---after age 40!

Oops, I think I need to dust!

I also love rabbits!

The little cow and pig pieces are Hadley pottery. The mermaid is a salt shaker. The miniature bowl on the right is a handmade piece from a craft show.

I bought this handmade vase at an art gallery. Wish I could remember where!

My daughter gave me this cute lady vase for Mother's Day one year. The saucer is a little purchase from a trip to Italy.

The Princess and the Frog!

I've had the white chicken dish since I was a toddler, which means it's a true antique! When I was little, I referred to it as "my chickie dish".



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