Monday, August 9, 2010


Welcome to Day 2 of my New Cottage post! Talk about a demolition zone! These pictures make it hard to believe that this house will be cute someday. But, as I told you...I have a vision!

Here's what's happened, so far:
>The hurricane shutters have been removed. 
>The large window at the left end of the house has been replaced by 2 new windows, which    
    makes for a more symmetrical appearance and a much brighter den.
>The wall between those windows has been pulled out, insulated and re-sheet rocked.
>The hot water heater has been replaced.
>Many thousands of dollars of electrical updates have been required. Typical for an old house.
>A powder room has been taken down to the studs.
>Old wall-to-wall carpeting has been removed.
>Kitchen counter tops have been removed.
>Vanity has been removed from one bathroom.
>All ceiling fixtures (lighting) have been removed.
>All the trim has been painted.


Every inch of the house is being repainted.

A section of the living room had been walled off to make an odd little powder room. Thanks to my carpenter, Richard, it's gone! He removed the plaster that was covering the original chimney. There must have been a stove here at one time. I'm investigating the possibility of a gas fireplace.

New water heater---not a fun expense, but definitely necessary!

New doors, coming soon...

The den had one large window on the left. It was removed and 2 windows were put in, for a brighter and more symmetrical room. The wall was ripped out, insulated and re-sheet rocked.

2 of the bedrooms, in progress ...

These sliders will be replaced with French doors, and the linoleum is gone, needless to say.

New windows and a French door are going into the dining room.

The oh-so-lovely laundry room and walk in pantry will be painted, have new neutral color stone floor, and a new washer and dryer, of course.

Are you discouraged yet? Luckily, my enthusiasm is still running high!
Tomorrow, I'll show you some pictures of the bathrooms and kitchen.


  1. Things are progressing nicely by the look of things.
    It is exciting, isn't.


  2. Wish I was making some progress in my home-you're lucky. Happy blue monday on my first blue Monday!

  3. All of your ideas sound great, you're making good progress!

  4. WOW! When you remodel, you rebuild. :o) I look forward to watching the transformation. Enjoy the ride! La

  5. You're fast! I'm guessing the contractors met you at the door when you got the key! LOL Fabulous!
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Go girl! You make it all sound so easy!! I got dizzy reading your list of everything that has been done so far!! I am so excited to watching this transform. I saw some pictures you posted in Fort Walton, I used to live there and I loved it but now I am back in good ole country Alabama for awhile. I needed a little slower pace for Mason to spend the first few years of his life. Happy Tuesday and good work!!!!!

    ~ Alex

  7. How exciting to be revamping that cottage. I bet it is going to be so cute.



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