Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm finally back with a cottage makeover update. Although, some days seem like "one step forward, two steps back", I know I've actually made great strides in not-quite three months. I can't honestly say that I have even one room that is complete, but maybe you would like to see some before-and-after---or should I say---in-progress pictures. So here goes!

Today, we're looking at the dining room.

New windows and a new door

I started out with my antique table, but the gate leg design made it somewhat impractical for comfortable dining. So, I've relocated it in favor of a rectangular pine table. Not as interesting, but it's more functional for chowing down.

Amazingly, one of the few walls in the house that would accommodate this hutch was the very wall that I wanted to use it on. What luck!


A chandelier!
There was never one here before. With the very low (7-1/2 foot) ceilings, chandeliers can be problematic. I'm only 5'2", but some people are taller than that! Since this hangs over the center of the table, it works! It's very simple and was also very budget-friendly, but I think it fits with the cottage-look.
I have to admit...I'm really happy with the way this hutch looks!
 The dining room steps down into the den. 
(More on that room coming soon.)

I decided to start out by painting the majority of the rooms a rather un-inspired off-white.  I felt that that would freshen and lighten the cottage and give me a blank slate to build on. I will definitely add color as time goes by. I'm shopping for a rug to go under the table. Also, would you add cushions to the chairs, or do you like the look of the woven straw seats? What about an accent color on the chair rail? Ladies, I welcome your opinions and suggestions, so bring 'em on!


  1. Your cottage is coming along nicely! I love your hutch, the grape detail is really pretty-enjoy!

  2. The hutch with the china in it is gorgeous. I think chair cushions with some sort of pattern would be a nice addition. But it is all about with YOU can live with every day. hugs♥olive

  3. Hello Stranger!

    The cottage is looking great. Love the intricasies of the hutch, very pretty. I'm not a big chair cushion person so I would go with the bare seats.

    Have a great week. It's great to hear from you. La

  4. Your hutch is fantastic - I love the grape detailing across the top. And you've decorated it very nicely with your white ceramic pieces.

    I like your chairs just as they are, black with the rattan seat. If you want to add colour, I'd go with a small accent cushion on the two head chairs. Or, what about stenciling a monogram onto the back of each chair, at the top in the center?

    Your dining room is looking good :-)


  5. Seat cushions are cumbersome, I think. I think they would take away from the free flowing/relaxed feeling in the room. I would pull some more colors in from the wall art, like the blues, maybe with a window valance and a door curtain that was gathered in the center. Looking good so far!



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