Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today, is a special day to recognize, honor and remember all the brave men and women  in the various branches of our armed services. We salute them for their service, their bravery and their dedication to keeping our country safe and free.

I'm personally thanking two soldiers today who are friends of my son. Phillip and David served multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. Thankfully, they both made it home safely and are no longer in the military. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to these young men for their service.

I'm also thinking of my own father who was an 18 year-old sailor in World War II, several other relatives who served in the military in World War II. Korea and Vietnam, and the fathers of  friends, including one gentleman who returned from World War II with many purple hearts. These men were all heroes who fought to keep the United States the "Land of the free and the home of the Brave."

 To all of our military personnel, past and present, we salute you!


  1. I so husband is one who served in Viet Nam..God bless them all for being willing to defend our country! :D

  2. Yes, we salute you. This was a very nice tribute Tracy.


  3. This is wonderful! I am a great advocate for our military. My dad was in the Navy-as was my brother and my son-in-law is in the Marines and is scheduled to be deployed in May -newly wed!
    Would love your prayers

  4. I am so thankful to our veterans for all the freedoms we tend to take for granted. Lovely post, Tracy.

  5. Thanks Tracy for this tribute. God Bless all of all of them.

  6. Thanks for your great post. I want to thank my husband who served during Viet Nam and my Dad who served in World War II. My niece's fiance, Brett, is Afghanistan right now.

  7. I feel a debt of gratitude for our service men & women, great post!



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