Monday, March 22, 2010


Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I've used it in a number of rooms around my house. Sometimes a little bit, sometimes a lot. The pictures I'm showing you today are from the foyer and the living room.

Look out, it's tipping over! Not really... just my lack of photography skills.

This is mostly just junky stuff from Marshall's, etc. I buy it just because I like the blue-and-white color combination. The tortoise-shell finish etagere is "early marriage", but it's constantly been in service everywhere that we've lived. You might notice the silver gallery tray on the third shelf. It was a wedding present from my paternal grandparents 35 years ago. My grandmother referred to it as a sherry tray. The pewter vase on top was a gift to my mother from her brother when he was stationed in Thailand 50 years ago.

Hmmm... I need to work on that flower arrangement. The mirror is one of my favorite things. We got it about 25 years ago, for this spot in the entry hall and it's been there ever since.

Same picture, but with some tacky fake tulips! I just like how the jar is reflecting in the mirror.

Just one more shot. This one shows the candle sconces that my aunt found at an estate sale in New Orleans. She was sweet enough to clean them up and pass them on to me. I love them!


  1. Loved taking a glimpse at your foyer. It is so much fun to see how our fellow bloggers live. In our small neighborhood in Tulsa everyone just loved sharing their new setups and acquisitions. So much fun! And, like yours, every piece has a story. That is what makes a house a home.

  2. Your foyer is just lovely! I an admiring all of your blue and whites and I too love your mirror.

  3. Very pretty and I love that dog pillow :) Happy Blue Monday!

  4. You've got lots of pretty BLUES.

    Happy Blue Monday.

    Mine is here.

  5. Gorgeous foyer. Love all the blue pieces.

  6. Oh! Those fabulous blues and whites, so lovely,

  7. I used to have drums like those as bed side tables... love them!

  8. Luv'in all of the BLUE!!!! And your front hallway looks so inviting.

    - The Tablescaper



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