Sunday, March 14, 2010


I recently redecorated my guest room. It's still a "work in progress", as we haven't yet hung pictures, etc. But, since it's very blue, I thought it would make a fun Blue Monday post. Due to the lack of natural light, since it's been raining here for days, some of the shots don't show the colors to best advantage. The two swatches below are pretty good representations, however.

Wall Color


White matelasse coverlet and pillow shams from Nordstrom.

I got this pillow in Bangkok. It's Jim Thompson silk.

I ordered the curtains from the Source Perrier catalog. I wish you could see how pretty they really are. White organdy sheers with blue dots embroidered on them. The curtain rods are from Target.

This pretty porcelain lamp was in my bedroom when I was growing up. That makes it a genuine antique by now!

I originally ordered this sofa, years ago, from Calico Corners. I had it recovered in an inexpensive white cotton duck and corded with this blue-and-white check. The same cording was used on the headboard. This is a junky little table that I picked up at a yard sale and painted it blue.
This little fella is also made of Jim Thompson silk, and he too came from Thailand.

This bracket hung in my parents' house when I was growing up. My mother displayed various things on it over the years. I put the bunny on it for Easter.

This pine linen press is actually outfitted to hold computer equipment. I use it to store all sorts of things!

These glass flowers aren't exactly my usual style, but I thought they were kind of cool. I got them at Home Goods. The coffee table is "early marriage" and at 35 years old, I guess that makes it "vintage"--- just like the marriage!


  1. Love it Tracy- and love the fact that it holds so many meaningful items. There is nothing like white matelasse and white sheers!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Hello fellow Georgian. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You can go back through all my old posts and see most of my home. You asked to see more. I love this blue and white guest room. I know what you mean about it being cloudy and gray. At least the sun is out today. Hooray! That white sofa is beautiful. I love the cording you chose. Beautiful bedding. Any guest would be quite comfortable in there.

  3. Oh, Tracy, this is a gorgeous bedroom, and you say it's for guests? They may never leave! Happy blue Monday!

  4. Oh my I love this room. Blue is a soothing color for me good for a bedroom color. Thanks for sharing!

    What a deal

  5. Gosh...not sure I could save it for the guests,with all those sweet memories! It looks very soothing.You've done a lovely job in redecorating!

  6. It turned out nice! Happy Blue Monday!

  7. The room is gorgeous and I love the shades of blue that you've chosen. Have a wonderful Blue Monday. Blessings...Mary

  8. What a special place for your guests, I'm sure anyone would love to stay there. Happy Blue Monday.

  9. Blue is my favorite color for room decor. You did a nice job redoing the guest room, and I like the country charm feeling it has. So when can we stop in to use it?

  10. The Blue is so peaceful, I have a bathroom blue with sheer white shower curtain, paint color calming space. Thanks for sharing so many pretty pictures. Hugs, Diane



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