Tuesday, March 9, 2010



I have to confess...

We're really a week or t
wo away from this scene.
But, with my Spring fever running rampant,
this is the sight that I'm dreaming about!

Yoshino Cherry trees

Yoshinos are the cherry blossom trees that bloom in Washington, D.C. every Spring. The Japanese government gave the U.S. 3,000 of these trees in 1912. Macon, Georgia also hosts a well-known Cherry Blossom Festival. How lucky we feel to have our own little festival right here in our front yard!

You might be wondering about this adorable little lamb. When I saw her in the [now defunct] Winterthur catalog, I knew I had to have her for my front yard. I named her Bonnie Belle. Sadly, she's also "defunct" at this point. My yard service hit her repeatedly with the leaf-blower, and eventually even Gorilla glue couldn't hold her legs up.

As you can see, she used to "graze" around the yard!

Forsythia is native to southern Asia. It is named after William Forsyth, a Scottish botanist. Interestingly, the flowers produce lactose (milk sugar). This is the only source of lactose in nature, other than milk.

Bradford Pear Trees

The Bradford Pear is native to Korea and China. The USDA introduced it to the U.S. in 1963. It quickly became very popular, particularly with new homeowners, as they grow very fast. They provide beautiful color in both Spring and Fall. As gorgeous as they look, the blossoms emit a strange and unappealing odor when fully blooming. Some people consider them a nuisance. As they approach 20-25 years, they're quite prone to splitting down the middle, which can wreak havoc with one's landscape!

Notice the bird's nest!


  1. Your home is stunning, Tracy! I love your flowering trees and the sheep is darling! The colors are beautiful and I love the shutters! I'm crazy over your trellis portico! Perfection.


  2. Such beautiful trees, blossoms and your yard is fabulous! Poor little lamb...
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday...

  3. Oh I'd love to walk around on that kind of weather and beautiful surrounding too.

    Date on a Cold Winter

  4. what a beautiful home!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Tracy!
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Oh, the cherry blossoms are just gorgeous!!! And what an interesting fact about the Forsythia, we have bushes all around and they will soon start to bloom...

  7. I love all of your wonderful photos from your beautiful yard. And I hope sweet Bonnie Belle can last a little longer, she's so cute!

    Kat :)

  8. Great photos! You have a fabulous yard Tracy! Love the colors of your home. Bonnie Belle is adorable!

    ~ Tracy

  9. Love, love, love cherry blossoms! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  10. Your yard & Home are beautiful !

  11. I am new to your blog and loving it. What a darling sheep! I didn't realize that the Winthur catalog was defunct. I guess I get so many they tend to blur together. In the first photo, I thought she was real! You have a beautiful home.

    - The Tablescaper



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