Saturday, February 27, 2010


If you're not a "dog person", you'll probably want to skip this post.

We have five, count 'em, five dogs---down from six at this time last year, although some days we're up to seven. I can't understand why we only wanted two children and yet we've ended up with all these dogs. As healthy as they are, we've still spent way more at the veterinarian than we ever spent at the pediatrician.

They stand at the gate every morning as they wait for their daddy to take them for a ride. His once-nice SUV is now referred to as "The Fur-mobile". It's such an utter embarrassment, I can't even think about posting a picture of it. They ride to the near-by cemetery, where they bark at the ducks, while munching on Ritz bits! And, no, I don't participate in this insanity. I'm at home, in my robe, drinking coffee, like a normal person.

People always ask if they all live in the house. The answer is yes! Although we have two wooded acres, completely fenced, behind our house, and a doggy-door to access it, do you think they want to be out there without us? Not a chance. Well, that's not exactly true...

Two of them escape the fence on a daily basis. They're regular Houdinis, who seem to morph themselves through chain link fencing. They can't wait to run free through the woods, or take off across the middle of the elementary school playground behind us. They particularly enjoy Tiny Tots soccer on Saturday morning. I think the teachers and coaches might have my cell phone on their speed-dial. They usually call as I'm driving around the neighborhood, blowing the horn and yelling "Scout!" and "Jack!" out the window. Classy, huh? Of course, about half the time, they're already back home, waiting for me.

Today was a big day at our house. We decided that our central vacuum system wasn't doing an adequate job of picking up fur off the rugs.

On the advice of my sister-in-law, I went out and bought the Dyson Animal. Boy, has that thing got some suction! I didn't know whether to amazed or disgusted--probably both!--at the amount of fur that came off the family room rug.

We had an artist paint this mural, for my study, about ten years ago. At the time, we had two dogs and two cats. We've often talked about getting her to come back and paint one on another wall, depicting the later additions to the pack, but I had lost her contact information. Strangely enough, yesterday in the mail, we got an invitation to a showing of her work. Maybe we can consider a new mural!

In case you're wondering, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are Oliver and Violet. The one with angel wings is Humphrey. He was our first, now resting in peace. The cats were Fluffy and Suzy-Q, who joined Humphrey a few years later. The artist took picture of the dogs as they played in their pool, rolled around in the grass and ate their birthday treats. She then used her wonderful imagination to create this fantastic mural. it's actually pained on canvas and applied to the wall, so that if we move, we can take it with us!

See these three needlepoint pillows of the Cavaliers? Pretty, huh?

Well, I used to have a lot more, with yards of fancy fringe and elegant tassels. But Daisy, the female Golden Retriever has separation anxiety (yeah, I know... we're nut cases), and whenever she got "anxious" she chewed up the pillows---along with the custom kitchen cabinets, interior columns, cashmere sweaters, expensive shoes, etc, etc.

And, yet, who couldn't love this face?

We have to keep her shaved most of the year, because she loves to swim! Don't you just adore her pearls? So elegant and feminine!

And, here are Beau, the male Golden Retriever and Violet, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These two have rarely done anything wrong in their lives! Violet was eleven years old yesterday. Our birthday girl for February!

By now, you're thinking, "these people are complete bonkers" and you're right! But guess what? There are still two more! My mother's dog, Trixie, spends a good bit of time with us, too. She's old and rests a lot, like her owner.

And, who, you might ask, is the lead dog? Well, here she is: our daughter's dog, Lola... (and, I might add, my only grandchild). And, when she's here (which is often, since her parents are constantly traveling the world or throwing parties), she rules the roost!

Last but not least is our precious Oliver, who we lost a year ago. He crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, tail wagging until the very end.
A little dog with a very big heart.



  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    I love dogs and your pictures are so special. RIP Oliver...The rainbow bridge is such a pretty poem. My sister sent me that when we lost our "rotti" last year. I look forward to coming back to your blog, Marcia

  2. Tracy,

    I have laughed until I've cried...:0) What a GREAT you can plainly see I'm a Doggie person.

    Although we only have one totally spoiled furbaby....we do have 3 totally spoiled *grand dogs* of my husband's son and his wife chose to have no children but their dogs ARE the children...

    I mean they are totally cool canines is all I can say...all golden Christmas time they are shown which presents to pull out from under the tree...and yes, they open their own presents. :0)

    I'm so glad to meet you and your canines! Do by for a visit to meet me and my Miss Morgan, the Yorkie. :0) She made an entrance for PiNk Saturday today.

    I totally ♥ that mural!!!

    ♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥

  3. They are all so very precious, Tracy! Makes me miss my boys. We had 2 labs, a yellow and a chocolate. They were a year apart. Shadow, our first, came from "show" stock. He was such a priss! ha! Our chocolate, Fudgie Bear, from working stock and he loved fetching tennis balls! The groomers dubbed them "the beastie boys" after some rock n roll band. The were so rowdy ha!

    We also had two kitties, Simba and Sammy. After Sammy had gone off to wander the world, we got Figaro. All three from the shelter. Figaro was named mostly to torture one of our neighbors. Seems she found it quite annoyinng to hear us call the "gang" in each night. I thought it a laugh to stand at the back porch belting out my nod to Rossini's Barber of Saville, "Figaro, Figaro, Figaro" ha!

    Thank you for sharing your "gang" and hearing a bit of mine!


  4. I'm a cat person by nature...but this is such a sweet post, I had to comment.Love the shot of Daisy in her pearls and I'm not sure who that is grinning with the stick(Jackor Scout?)...but he's a cutie,for sure!

  5. Oh I just adore this post Tracy, you really made me laugh then sad at the end with your dog Oliver. I can relate in some ways with the number of companions you have because I have eleven birds that I have to keep up with. I have to tell you the first photos of your dogs is so precious what a nice picture of them all. What a face on Daisy not bad with pearls.

    Yeah for Dyson vacuum cleaners too!

    This was a lot of fun-

    Have a Great Day*

  6. I really got a kick out of your post. For what it's worth, my experience has always been people who love dogs also love people. That's O.K. in my book. I hope you have a wonderful day, Tracy. Blessings...Mary

  7. Tracy, this just made my day! I'll have a smile till bedtime!
    xoxo Pattie

  8. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Well, if you're nutz, we are too! Happy, though. So sorry to hear of Oliver's passing. Maybe he's playing up there with our beloved Spencer (the perfect dog) and our Annie (the perfect terrier ;).
    Love your one doggie's pearls - they are all so precious. I'm so glad they have such happy, wonderful lives. Your story made me laugh - and relate! Happy Pink Saturday~

  9. Well, I thought I was a puppy lover but you win! I have 3 and my blog is pupylov but I don't have this many. Well unless I am dog sitting and then I have had up to 6! I love your dog post! I totally understand!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Just found your blog. I love this last post as we are dog lovers as well. Know all about separation anxiety as our 11 year old golden Abby has it as well....not fun. But like you said how can you not love that face!! I don't think there is another breed that sheds as much as a golden. I swear she knows when I wear black. As soon as I brush my clothes before leaving the house, she has to lean on me one more time ...sigh I think she figures this way I take her with me wherever I go.


  11. i saw this post with these 2 lil white things and said * i bet this is a dog lover* so here i am catching up on the dog stories, i laughed i smiled and i shed some tears.



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