Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Rene, at Cottage and Vine, cottageandvine.blogspot.com asked us to share 5 essentials we would pack in our beauty bags. Since most of my travel, in the summertime, revolves around the beach, I try to keep my "beauty routine" simple.

I've been using Great Lash , by Maybelline , since my teens. I remember reading in a magazine that it was the one most popular with fashion models! It's always widely available everywhere and inexpensive, too. I like the brownish/black.

 Lorac lipsticks are my all-time favorites. They are creamy, long-lasting and have no "flavor". I buy them at Sephora. the first one I ever bought was in a color called "Eloise". I remember reading in "InStyle" magazine that it was Jennifer Lopez's favorite. I thought it was the most wonderful color ever, but wouldn't you know it was discontinued/ I hate it when that happens! I'm currently wearing a similar color called "Premier".

With mascara and lipstick, I feel half-way presentable, day or night!

  Gotta' have sunscreen, of course! I've always used Coppertone, because of that  cute old ad with the baby showing off her tan line. (Probably showing my age here!)  Love the continuous spray, and it even works upside down---convenient for spraying your own back!

With my hard-to-handle hair, this straightening iron is a must-have. By Conair, it's 2 inches wide and has a wet/dry setting. I'm embarassingly inept at styling my hair, but I've had good luck with this tool.

Last, but not least, when getting dressed for dinner at a fun spot on the beach, I love Lady Primrose's "Celadon" scent. I'm a big fan of perfumed body creams. I think you get much more "bang for the buck" with them than with other forms of scent. The creams are so rich and moisturizing, in addition to smelling divine.


  1. You know, I am going to go back to Great Lash...I used to use it back then too, just the fact that it has been around so long must mean something goof! I have used more costly ones but they seem to dry out pretty fast! Come say hi :D

  2. It looks like the pink and green tube is winning hands down. And I'm a Coppertone girl too :)

    I hope you have had as much fun with this as I've had. Thanks for linking Tracy.


  3. I love using perfumed body creams as my perfume too!

  4. My partner sold Lady Primrose's products~ I was always pilfering samples. The Celadon does smell divine!



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