Tuesday, June 15, 2010



As much as I love my house on the Bay, with my own little beach, I can't help but dream of a house right on the ocean. I imagine going to sleep with the sound of the crashing waves, right outside the door. And, waking up in the morning to endless expanses of beach for a morning walk. On a recent trip to Destin, I took pictures of a few that I think would "fill the bill"!

Aren't these just dreamy? I love all the soft pastel colors that reflect the colors of nature that surround them. Can't you imagine catching the breezes from those balconies, while enjoying the breath-taking views. Notice all the different styles of columns and railing designs. I'm especially partial to the dark wooden hurricane shutters---pretty and functional!
Would you choose one built in the sand dunes and surrounded by palm trees, or would you rather have the ocean lapping right up underneath your porch?
Decisions, decisions...

As of now, we are fortunate enough not to have any oil in Mobile Bay, but please continue to keep the Gulf Coast in your prayers. I'm sure y'all are as heartbroken as I am to see the oil covered wildlife.


  1. I love to be there for a while but to live there would scare me a little! :D

  2. ....they are beautiful...but the waves get kind of loud for me (at least on a permanent basis) But those homes are just lovely!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm afraid I'm a worry wart...I'd be concerned about hurricane threats or beach errosion to have one of those places, but I sure would like to visit :-)

    Keeping the Gulf in my prayers...

  4. I would love to just live right on the water in San Destin but am not sure any more with the possibility of a house surrounded by oil these days. So sad what is happening. Have you ever gone to the Watercolor Inn there? Amazing place and Seaside is so cute. Thanks for visiting my blog today and I will peak in again here.

  5. Trying to remember the Gulf in prayer every day. Love those houses on the beach with room enough for all of us to move in:)

  6. that first house would definatly fill the bill for me, i lived in florida 21 yrs and do sometimes miss those beautiful beaches!!!

  7. I would love any one of those too when I become extremely rich and famous. lol My dad lives in Destin on the bay. Use to have a condo on the beach and sold it after a hurricane sent the beach right thru it. He loves his bay house, but I do love to hear the ocean and smell it.

  8. I love Destin, too. As a matter of fact, my husband is in that area for business a lot. I have always loved the Gulf Coast, but now we are on the Atlantic which has its own beauty.

    In terms of the house I would choose, I love being in an old Florida Victorian in downtown St. Augustine where we are now. I like having the bay breezes and the feel of history surrounding us. I also like to see people having fun, and you see that a lot where we are.

    I think I would probably choose a place in Watercolor or one of the planned developments like that in the Panhandle. I love the pastel colors, and I keep seeing houses in magazines that are wonderful. Love these beach places you shared, and I really like plantation shutters.

    Our house currently is a color very close to Covington Blue by Benjamin Moore and is approved by the historical society, but if I were to repaint, I would love to have pink or yellow. We have a frame house currently, but I have lived in stucco that had a neutral pallete.

    Thanks for this trip to Destin! I'd love to be there right now at Smith's Antique Mall! ;-)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


    Sheila :-)

  9. Sign me up!!! They are all beautiful, I'd like a porch/deck to be able to enjoy the views and breeze!

  10. Ooooh I would LOVE to have a beach house... but no hurricane please!

  11. I miss living right on the beach. I dream of doing so again. I love being lulled to sleep by the sound of the surf.



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